The Skylines series was born out of the experiment in combining my love of photography, painting, gritty city scenes and how power lines cut up negative space. It has evolved over the years to tell stories of neighborhoods, farm land, signs that capture a place in time - a memory in an image. The best part is the stories each of you tell me about your memories of the places that the skylines capture. thank you.

The process of taking a black and white photo and transferring it onto canvas and hand painting in the details and color is reminiscent of old hand tinted photos. The process is not perfect, the image can rub out as I work the paper off the canvas, adding to the grit of the image. On larger images, where I'm tiling together multiple pieces to create the larger image creates seems, places where things don't line up perfectly. These elements of imperfection add to an organic hand touched piece.

In early 2018 Twozdai moved to Port Townsend WA, she is letting the influence of the wide open space, ocean, farms and deep forest build a story in the skyline series.